I have always been an artistic and creative person and while growing up I found that makeup was the perfect conduit to allow me express myself and to foster my natural artistic inclination. Shortly after graduating from high school I decided to pursue my passion for makeup as a career.


I have been a professional Makeup Artist for almost 7 years. In that span of time I have had the opportunity to work for and with some of the best photographers and models in the fitness industry most notably my current position as the Makeup Artist for highly acclaimed photographer Ian L. Sitren. While working with Ian I have done the makeup for top fitness models such as Larissa Reis, Victoria Kirsanova, Randalene Sergent,  Stacey Natio,  Alicia Harris Katie Madden, Lisa Sanders, Kerstin Shultz, Maria Bertrand,  Angela Segovia, Heather Grace, Tina Chandler, Joan Liew and many more.  I have had my work published in Ironman Magazine, Fitness RX, Planet Muscle and on Bodybuilding.com as well as being featured on the Canon camera corporate website. While my main focus has been fitness photo shoots I am highly experienced and have worked on a wide variety of sets and events as a makeup artist including weddings, bikini/figure/physique and bodybuilding competitions, beauty pageants, formal events, high school proms, helped female executives project the perfect image for important business meetings and glammed ladies up for special events like holiday parties.


My educational background comes from the prestigious Elegance International School of Professional Makeup. Elegance International is very well established and highly respected in the industry being the first premiere makeup school to open in LA. The curriculum provides students with an extensive hands-on education in all areas of makeup artistry including: beauty, corrective, theatrical / live performance, high fashion, photographic, television, film and special effects makeup.  I graduated from the Master Course at Elegance International in 2007.